Limitless Funding V2.0, also known as Version 2, will be a follow up version of V1.0 that will bring many exclusive features. V1.0 is a starting version focused on delivering basic features to enhance traders’ trading experience. Our primary objective for Version 1 is to gather valuable feedback from our users, enabling us to refine and improve our platform to meet your needs.

By signing up during Limitless Funding V1.0, all traders will be granted exclusive benefits when Version 2 is launched. V1.0 users will gain early access to the exciting new features and functionalities that we are developing.

We are confident that we can foster a strong and collaborative relationship with our traders, ensuring limitless trading journeys.
Unlock a world of advantages as a member of Limitless Funding V1.0. As a V1.0 user, become eligible for a range of exclusive discounts in our highly anticipated V2.0 release. Be at the forefront of trading with early access to new features, ensure you stay ahead of the curve and maximize your trading potential.

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Copy Trading platform will provide comprehensive data and statistics on our Master Traders, offering valuable insights into their strategies and risk management. It facilitates the seamless replication of their trading accounts allowing traders to copy their trades.
Unlock and utilize the power of successful trading strategies with our cutting-edge copy trading solution.

Copy the trades of evaluated and proven traders and earn by following their strategies.

Filter Master Traders  by profitability, risk management, consistency, and create a combination that suits you the best.

Eliminate the need for manual execution and let your account grow aromatically.
Become a Master Trader after getting a live funded account.

Share your trades and earn a profit share.

Decide on the profit split between you and your investors.

Substantially scale up your profits  as your following base grows.

Accelerate your follower base by providing affiliate links for your strategies.
Our team is currently engaged in the active development of a ground breaking copy trading solution.  Investors will easily search for evaluated traders who meet specific criteria. This platform provides comprehensive data and statistics on our Master traders, offering valuable insights into their strategies and risk management approaches. Additionally, it facilitates the seamless replication of their trading accounts through an online broker, allowing copy-traders to mirror their trades.
We are working towards revolutionizing the withdrawal processes and choices for funded traders in the prop trading industry. Our innovative Limitless stored-value card offers a seamless solution for withdrawing your earnings anytime, anywhere. Exclusively designed for Limitless funded traders, our branded stored-value cards enable quick and convenient access to your profits. With Limitless, funded traders have the option to transfer their profits directly to our stored-value card, providing them with the freedom to effortlessly utilize their earnings for online purchases, in-store transactions, or cash withdrawals at their convenience.
Our platform will provide compatibility with the TradingView interface to enhance the trading experience for our users. By integrating TradingView, a widely recognized and user-friendly charting platform, traders will have access to advanced technical analysis tools, customizable indicators, and a vast library of trading strategies. This compatibility ensures that our platform is keeping up with industry standards and allows traders to seamlessly transition between platforms without the need for additional software or complex setups.
We are actively developing an innovative solution that empowers traders to customize their evaluation based on their unique preferences and trading styles. Through the use of interactive sliders, traders will have the flexibility to adjust various variables in real-time, including starting profit split, funding size, return target, and drawdown. As these variables are modified, the price of the product will be dynamically updated to reflect the changes.
Express Scaling is a unique feature that sets our proprietary trading firm apart from the competition. Traders who received funding will have the option to access the express scaling feature completely free if they reach certain profit target before the 1st payout. There will be no penalties if traders decide not to reach the target, but they need to stay within the given risk parameters nevertheless. Funded traders who successfully satisfied the Express Scaling criteria will receive increased funding, 20% higher allocation and start with a higher share of gains.